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Solar Tax Credits are Dropping Soon! 

But we'll cover the difference. 

This year marks the end of the 30% solar tax credit. Beginning in 2020, the federal tax credit is scheduled to drop to 26% as part of a two-year phase out. 

To ensure that our customers are able to benefit from this incentives for as long as possible, Sun Valley Solar Solutions will cover the 4% drop for any project submitted with a signed purchase contract on or before December 31, 2019, and not installed by the end of 2019.*

Simply fill out the form on the right to start your free solar assessment and and reserve your spot. After your project is installed and commissioned in 2020, we will send a check for 4% of the purchase price. 

*Offer available to contracted customers who have not completed installation by the end of 2019. Leased or add-on systems do not qualify. Offer is null and void if congress extends the full 30% solar tax credit beyond 2019. 

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The Cost of Doing Nothing

Energy prices are certain to rise as solar incentives continue to diminish. In October 2019, APS requested another 5.4% increase after a sizable increase was approved in late 2017. Going solar and making your own electricity is the only way to hedge against the certainty of rising energy costs. 

The Sun Valley Solar Difference

Since 2006, Sun Valley Solar Solutions has helped thousands of homeowners and businesses turn Arizona'smost abundant natural resource into immediate savings. 

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Trusted by Companies and Homeowners

We're the company that organizations such as Gatorade, Target, and SubZero count on every day. And now we're here to help Arizona homeowners maximize America's most lucrative solar incentive as long as possible. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to save thousands while ensuring a cleaner tomorrow.