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Lock In Your APS Battery Rebate Up To $3,750

APS Customers Can Save Big in 2022: $3,750 Battery Rebate + 26% Solar Tax Credit 

APS recently rolled out a battery pilot program that offers up to $3,750 in rebates for adding a battery to your home.

Add a battery to a new or existing solar energy system and you can also take advantage of the last year of the 26% solar tax credit  (drops to 22% in 2023)

Curious what a battery system can do for you? Request a no-obligation quote through the simple form on this page.



Lock In Your APS Battery Rebate

APS Battery Rebate Program Details

There are two ways to participate in the APS battery pilot program. The more you participate, the larger your rebate: 

Option 1: Data Only Customers agree to share their battery system performance data with APS and are eligible for up to $500 per installed kW of battery capacity, with a maximum incentive of $2,500 per home.

Option 2: Data and Battery Management: Customers agree to give APS access to system data and up to 80% of the battery’s capacity to be used by APS for a maximum of 100 discharge events per year. Participating customers are eligible for up to $500 per installed kW (up to $2,500) of battery capacity, plus an additional $1,250 for a maximum incentive of $3,750 per home.

For more details visit APS's FAQ.

three tesla battery install in aps
aps battery plus solar tax credit

Add Solar & Claim the 26% Solar Tax Credit

If your battery is combined with a new or existing solar energy system, you may eligible for the 26% solar investment tax credit (ITC) in addition to the rebate. The 26% ITC is only available through the year 2022. In 2023, the incentive drops to 22% before ending permanently for Arizona homeowners in 2024. Locking in your APS battery rebate today will ensure you receive the full 26% rate!

Security in Times of Crisis

The need for 24/7 outage protection and energy independence has never been greater. Power outages will occur with increasing frequency as our national energy grid continues to age. Don't wait for social strife or climatic weather to strike. By adding a battery to your home, you'll be able to have energy on-demand for when the grid goes down.

aps battery installation

*APS Battery Rebate Details

Rebates vary based on the level of customer participation and  battery capacity. Customers must submit a pilot enrollment and an Interconnection Application. Interconnection Applications must be submitted by a licensed installer and approved. Participants must also agree to the Pilot Terms & Conditions. The submission date for both the pilot enrollment and the Interconnection Application must be on or after October 4, 2021  to be eligible for the pilot. Pilot participants need to be customers in APS territory and must be on a time-of-use (TOU) service plan or a grandfathered service plan with a solar rate rider.