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Need Roof Work & Panels Removed?

We Can Save You Money On Both!

We've teamed up with Azul Roofing Solutions to create a special offer specifically for customers who require solar panel removal and reinstallation, as well as roof repairs. 

While we're happy to work with any roofer, when you work with Azul and Sun Valley Solar together, you'll enjoy a 5% discount on the roofing work and $20 off per panel for the removal and reinstallation!

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Claim Your Removal & Reinstall Special

How Did We Do It?

Sun Valley Solar Solutions shares a warehouse with our sister company, Azul Roofing Solutions. This allows for significant economies in staging and coordination. We're simply passing these savings along to you!

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About Azul Roofing Solutions

Founded by the same team behind Sun Valley Solar Solutions, Azul Roofing Solutions combines sustainable installation practices and eco-friendly roofing options to dramatically improve longevity and reduce environmental impact. With an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service, Azul backs every job with an applicable workmanship warranty up to 10 years. Find out more at www.AzulRoof.com.

Azul AZ ROC: [CR42] 312218