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Get a Premium Panel Upgrade!

We're excited to offer a limited-time deal on our Silfab 370 panels. From now until December 31, 2021, you can claim the higher-producing 370 watt panels for the price of the Silfab 360 watt panels. That means more juice on tap without the higher price tag!

With more energy produced from a single panel, you'll be able to generate more solar electricity within the same roof footprint.

What else could you do with more juice?

  • Lock in more monthly savings
  • Run the house a few degrees cooler
  • Add an EV and drive on sunshine



Claim Your Silfab 370 Special

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Claim Your Solar Incentives

In addition to our limited-time panel offer, there's still time to claim the 26% federal solar incentive tax credit, more commonly known as the ITC.  This year is one of the only years to claim the current 26% tax. Beginning in 2023, it will drop to 22% before ending completely in 2024.

State of Arizona Tax Incentives

At the state level in Arizona, homeowners can claim up to $1,000 state tax credit for going solar. Going solar now and combining this tax credit and the ITC with our special discount on Silfab 370 panels will help give you the most bang for your solar buck.

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Add an EV & Drive on Sunshine

Solar and electric vehicles just make sense. When you charge your EV from your solar array instead of the dirty grid energy, you'll be able to drive on sunshine. Claiming your free panel upgrade will give you more juice for your EV to charge from.

*Terms & Conditions

Promotion only applies to Silfab 370 panels. Cannot be retroactively applied to contracts signed before November 16, 2021. The promotion expires on December 31, 2021. Pre-engineered systems are not eligible for panel upgrade.