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Save With Solar Starting at $49.95 a Month!

We Did the Research for You 

Introducing four pre-packaged solar energy systems fully optimized for performance and value in Arizona’s most common configurations. Complete with panels, racking, inverter, and basic installation*, pre-engineered solar will start saving you money for as little as $49.95 per month with our introductory pricing.** 

Unlike a lease, you'll own your system, which means the freedom to add to it down the road, take it with you if you move, and you get to keep your tax credits!

Read on to learn more or click the button below to use our solar calculator and figure out your perfect size! 


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Solar Estimator

Find out which pre-engineered system is right for you and how much you could be saving.

Design My System

Four High-Performance Configurations

After nearly 8,000 residential installations, we understand where size and maximum savings align for the majority of Arizona homes. This is the foundation for our pre-engineered approach, allowing us to optimize four high-performance configurations and pass the savings along to you. Combine them with multiple financing options, or just pay cash. The numbers are on your side, we've engineered them that way. 

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Add a Battery for Ultimate Security Day and Night

For as low as $66 a month*** you can add a Tesla Powerwall and store your excess solar energy for use when you need it most. Maybe you're looking to further reduce your electric bill, or simply want the peace of mind in knowing that you'll have power on hand during outages or other unexpected events. Solar and a Tesla Powewall together deliver ultimate energy independence day and night. 

Own the System and the Tax Credits

Unlike a solar lease, our pre-engineered systems belong to you. This means you have more freedom to add batteries or panels down the road without penalty, and you can take the system with you if you move. An owned system is also much easier to transfer to a new owner if you sell your home. And best of all, you get to keep all your tax credits, rather than giving them up to the leaseholder. 

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Terms & Conditions

*PV system prices reflect fixed system sizes with basic installation through Greensky Financial’s 20-year loan package effective April 2020. Greensky Financial's terms are subject to change. Additional financing packages may be available at the time of purchase.

**Prices include basic installation only. Upon site inspection, additional installation fees may apply, including but not limited to, electrical panel upgrades, roof repairs, equipment location, and energy usage.

***Minimum battery price based on the application of all current eligible rebates and incentives in effect as of April 2020, including SRP’s battery rebate. Price may vary depending on various factors, including but not limited to design, equipment location, utility provider, local incentives and eligibility.