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Going Solar Just Got Six Times Better

Your First Six Months Are On Us

Go solar with one of our pre-engineered solar packages by September 30th, and we'll cover the first six months of solar payments.

  • Rebates as high as $1,140 depending on system size
  • Squash rising summer bills with free solar energy for six months 
  • Lock-in the 26% federal tax credit before it's gone by 2021
  • Sign this summer and we'll cut a check for the first six payments as soon as the system is commissioned.
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Claim Your Summer Rebate!

Laptop with Calculator

Find Your Fit. See Your Price. Claim Your Rebate!

In less than two minutes, our free calculator will estimate your system size and cost.  

Once you've dialed in the perfect fit,  you can lock in our special rebate equal to 6 months of system payments.

Design My System

Own the System and the Tax Credits

Unlike a solar lease, our pre-engineered systems belong to you. This means you have more freedom to add batteries or panels down the road without penalty, and you can take the system with you if you move. An owned system is also much easier to transfer to a new owner if you sell your home. And best of all, you get to keep all your tax credits, rather than giving them up to the leaseholder. 

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Terms & Conditions

This offer applies only to systems designated as Pre-Engineered by Sun Valley Solar Solutions (SVSS), and is applicable to sizes S – XXL exclusively. XS systems and batteries are excluded from this promotion. Offer is valid only for customers who sign between July 6, 2020 and September 30, 2020, with an installation date within 60 days of system being permitted. This offer cannot be retroactively applied to any contracts executed prior to the effective date or after the termination date. Customers who finance their systems will receive a single, one-time rebate based on six months’ worth of PV system payments, excluding batteries,  when financed through Sunlight Financial’s 20-year/3.99% loan and the repayment of federal and local incentives. Financed customers are still required to make payments directly to their lender as per their contracted schedule. Cash customers are eligible for a rebate incentive equal to 2.75% of the total PV system purchase price (excluding batteries). System prices listed above include basic installation only. Upon site inspection, additional installation fees may apply, including but not limited to, electrical panel upgrades, roof repairs, equipment location, personal energy usage and goals. Rebate amount may vary based on these variables.