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SRP Doubles Battery Incentives: !

With the recent roll-out of all new solar rates for 2019, SRP has doubled the size of last year's battery rebate. Effective immediately, SRP customers get up to a $3,600 back for adding a qualifying battery system.**

There's more! Add a battery to a new or existing solar energy system and you can take advantage of the final year of the 30% federal tax credit* (drops to 26% after 2019)

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Whole Home Backup - Squashing On-Peak Utility Fees

entire-house-battery-backupA whole energy storage battery backup system can add just enough batteries to offset the most expensive on-peak utility hours, or add more to keep your house operational during an extended power outage.

Backup Loads - Security in Times of Crisis

battery-emergency-backupMuch simpler than a whole energy storage home system, a battery backup system will run your most critical loads – or a designated room – during a grid failure when your solar panels aren't producing. 


Promotional Details:
**The SRP battery storage  incentive is available for up to 4,500 SRP residential electric customers on a first-come, first-served basis during a 36-month period, beginning May 1, 2018. Different batteries will have a slightly different incentive return based on size ($300 per kWh-DC). Federal ITC tax credit (drops to 26% after 2019) can only be applied to batteries that are combined with solar. Incentive is valid only after commissioning, when new meters are installed and the battery system is operational.