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SRP Doubles Battery Incentives: !

With the recent roll-out of all new solar rates for 2019, SRP has doubled the size of last year's battery rebate. Effective immediately, SRP customers get up to a $3,600 rebate for adding a qualifying battery system.**

There's more! Add a battery to a new or existing solar energy system and you can take advantage of the final year of the 30% federal tax credit* (drops to 26% after 2019)

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Whole Home Backup - Squashing On-Peak Utility Fees

entire-house-battery-backupA whole energy storage battery backup system can add just enough batteries to offset the most expensive on-peak utility hours, or add more to keep your house operational during an extended power outage.

Backup Loads - Security in Times of Crisis

battery-emergency-backupMuch simpler than a whole energy storage home system, a battery backup system will run your most critical loads – or a designated room – during a grid failure when your solar panels aren't producing. 


Promotional Details:
*Pricing includes basic installation only and does not include sales tax. Federal ITC tax credit (drops to 26% after 2019). SRP rebate varies by battery capacity. $300 per kWh-DC. Different batteries will have a slightly different incentive return based on size. Prices above are only available when combined with solar. The SRP battery rebate incentive is available for up to 4,500 SRP residential electric customers on a first-come, first-served basis during a 36-month period, beginning May 1, 2018. After commissioning, when new meters are installed and the battery system is operational, an incentive check will be processed and mailed to the customer or their designee. Allow up to six weeks for processing.