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Lock In Your SRP Battery Rebate Up To $3,600

Up to $3,600 Rebate & 26% Tax Credit for SRP Battery Customers

SRP battery customers can receive a rebate of up to $3,600 ($300 per DC-kWh) by purchasing and installing a qualifying battery storage system—but only through April 30, 2021.*

Add a battery to a new or existing solar energy system and you can take advantage of an additional 26% tax credit  (drops to 22% in 2023)

Curious what a battery system can do for you? Request a no-obligation quote through the simple form on this page.



Lock In Your SRP Battery Rebate

Add Solar & Claim the 26% Solar Tax Credit

If your battery is combined with a new or existing solar energy system, you may eligible for the 26% solar investment tax credit (ITC) if your battery is filled with solar energy. The 26% ITC is only available through the year 2022. In 2023, the incentive drops to 22% before ending permanently for Arizona homeowners in 2024. Locking in your SRP battery rebate today will ensure you receive the full 26% rate!

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Clean Tesla Battery Installation-1-1

Security in Times of Crisis

The need for 24/7 outage protection and energy independence has never been greater. Power outages will occur with increasing frequency as our national energy grid continues to age. Don't wait for social strife or climatic weather to strike. By adding a battery to your home, you'll be able to have energy on-demand for when the grid goes down.

Submit Your SRP Reservation by April 30th

In order to be eligible for SRP's rebate of up to $3,600, customers must submit a battery reservation with SRP by 4/30/2021. Click here to be taken to the SRP battery reservation page.

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*SRP Battery Rebate Details

Battery incentive reservations must be submitted by 4/30/2021. Complete DER battery applications must be submitted no later than 7/29/2021. Battery system must be commissioned (inspected and approved by SRP) on or before 1/31/2022. These key dates must be met to qualify for the SRP battery incentive. SRP will continue to interconnect non-incentivized battery systems after the program expiration.